Morning: Preparing for the Day

As I arrive at the McDaniel Furnace & Sheet Metal office at 7:30 AM, I’m greeted by the familiar smell of coffee and the buzz of my colleagues discussing the day ahead. After a quick team meeting to review our schedules, I load up my service van with the necessary tools and parts for today’s installations and repairs.

Mid-Morning: First Call of the Day

My first appointment is a routine air conditioning installation for a new client. As a licensed HVAC technician at McDaniel Furnace & Sheet Metal, I take pride in our company’s reputation for quality service. I arrive at the client’s home, explain the installation process, and get to work.

Afternoon: Troubleshooting and Repairs

After completing the AC installation, I head to my next call – a homeowner experiencing issues with their heating system. This is where my expertise in HV (Heating and Ventilation) comes in handy. I diagnose the problem, explain the necessary repairs to the client, and efficiently fix the issue.

Late Afternoon: Emergency Call

Just as I’m wrapping up my scheduled appointments, I receive an emergency call from dispatch. A local business is experiencing a complete AC failure during a heatwave. I quickly head to their location, assess the situation, and work diligently to restore their cooling system.

Evening: Wrapping Up

As the day winds down, I return to the office to complete my paperwork and debrief with my supervisor. We discuss the day’s challenges and successes, always looking for ways to improve our service.

Working at McDaniel Furnace & Sheet Metal isn’t just a job – it’s a commitment to keeping our community comfortable and safe. Whether it’s through our licensed Air Conditioning Installation services or our expertise in HV systems, we’re here to ensure that homes and businesses stay comfortable year-round.