Advanced Heating: Your Go-To HVAC Specialists

At Advanced Heating, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch HVAC services to Morgantown, Kingwood, Fairmont, Cheat Lake, Westover, and Star City, WV. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in our “Any Day, Any Time, One Price” policy for priority customer club members, with no extra charges for nights and weekends.

HVAC Installation Tips

1. Choose the right size system for your home
2. Ensure proper insulation before installation
3. Consider energy-efficient models for long-term savings
4. Schedule installation during off-peak seasons for better rates

Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance

– Clean or replace air filters regularly
– Keep the outdoor unit free from debris
– Schedule annual professional inspections
– Address unusual noises or odors promptly

AC Service Essentials

1. Change air filters every 1-3 months
2. Clean condenser coils annually
3. Check refrigerant levels
4. Lubricate moving parts to prevent wear

Air Conditioning Installation Tips

– Choose an energy-efficient model with a high SEER rating
– Consider a programmable thermostat for better control
– Ensure proper sizing for your home’s square footage
– Opt for professional installation for optimal performance

AC Repair: When to Call the Experts

1. Inconsistent cooling throughout your home
2. Unusual sounds or odors from the unit
3. Frequent cycling on and off
4. Unexplained increase in energy bills

Remember, Advanced Heating is here to serve you any day, any time, with no extra charges for nights and weekends for our priority customer club members. Trust our expertise for all your HVAC needs in Morgantown, Kingwood, Fairmont, Cheat Lake, Westover, and Star City, WV.